Eckles prides itself on having a growing background for creating inviting, energizing STEAM spaces in our School projects.  The STEAM concept within a school has been developed recently with grants allowing districts the capabilities to develop a program that fits with their students and/or areas.  The STEAM concept is to design methods to approach STEM subjects creatively and make them real-world-relevant to all students, not just those already interested in those subjects.  These spaces are designed to incorporate collaborative learning environments that become a designated area within the building that students and teachers can generate ideas.  They then can develop methods on how to apply those ideas to real world situations…Analytical and real-world problem solving applied to traditional school subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic…for example:  computer coding, video game or program development, robot building, 3-D printing the ideas, natural plant-life growing spaces, researching our earth and outer-space, developing motherboards that are interconnected to making sounds or producing video elements. STEAM uses project-based teaching to develop students’ skills in creativity, design thinking, technology literacy, collaboration, and problem solving skills.  The type of curriculum format for STEAM spaceshelp all the students “be better” at learning, at thinking artistically, at engaging with others, at communicating, at becoming disciplined at their craft.  The concepts that make up a STEAM program are providing students the opportunity to problem solve and are giving them the ability to apply these techniques to “real” world situations.


RECENT steam projects:

South Fayette Intermediate School
South Fayette Township School District

Pine-Richland High School
Pine-Richland School District

Sharon Middle / High School
Sharon City School District