William G. Eckles began a small architecture practice in his hometown of New Castle, PA in 1898. Today, the company that continues to honor his name as one of the 50 oldest architecture firms in the United States.


Our experienced staff includes registered architects, professional engineers, interior designers, technical specialists, and construction administrators who collaborate to develop solutions that meet each client’s needs.  Each employee is encouraged to attain the highest level of accreditation or education in his or her discipline. As such, members of the Eckles team are affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Interior Designers in order to remain contemporary with design trends and to pursue continuing education. Our staff also includes LEED accredited professionals who are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council to design energy efficient and sustainable designs.


David Esposito
President, Principal

Mark Scheller



Associates & Staff

  Jeremy Beatty   Architect

Jeremy Beatty


  Tricia Monaco   Interior Designer

Tricia Monaco

Interior Designer

  Tim Brown   Electrical Engineer

Tim Brown

Electrical Engineer

  Terri Hoover   Technical Specialist

Terri Hoover

Technical Specialist

  Randy Riggans   Production Manager

Randy Riggans

Production Manager

  Joy Cunningham   Accounting Clerk

Joy Cunningham

Accounting Clerk

  Jeannette Lutton   Technical Specialist

Jeannette Lutton

Technical Specialist

  Thomas Harkins   CADD Manager

Thomas Harkins

CADD Manager

  Chris Miller   Director of Engineering

Chris Miller

Director of Engineering

Through It All, New Castle Businesses Endure

Business Journal Daily

"William G. Eckles founded the firm in 1898, making it one of the 50 oldest architecture firms in the country. The Eckles family led the enterprise until the 1990s.

“It’s an odd thing to have an architecture firm in a town with 23,000 people. But back in 1898, this was a big place,” Esposito says. “There were two firms and the other had been here longer than us and has closed. They competed for the development that was happening in this area.”

When the firm was at its busiest, it stuck mostly to western Pennsylvania. Today, though, it has stretched the boundaries of where it will go. Most jobs remain within a few hours’ drive, but the firm has taken on projects as far as Galveston, Texas."